Denon's new AH-C621R headphones are as techy as in-ears get

Remote, custom drivers, app control... they've got 'em all
28 March 2017 / 20:48BST

Appearances can be deceptive. Glance at Denon’s new AH-C621R headphones and you might think they’re just your average in-ears: a cable, a couple of buds and that’s about it. But no! For starters that’s a three-button remote on the lead - giving you volume and play/skip controls if you’re an iOS user (Android users aren’t so lucky). You can even use it to summon Siri. It also comes with an app, which lets you tweak the sound according to whether you’re more Frank Ocean or Frankie Cosmos, and gives you access to TuneIn radio. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the custom-made 11.5mm drivers plus the ports at the front and rear designed to ensure distortion-free sound. Or the Comply memory foam ear-tips. They'll be available in April priced £79.