Cleer Enduro 100 headphones last four whole days between charges

And they’ve even got aptX HD onboard
14 August 2019 / 10:52BST

If you take every song on Spotify that features Nate Dogg or mentions him anywhere in the title and add it to a playlist, you get just over 112 hours of fine, fine music to listen to (give or take a few duplicates). Most Bluetooth headphones would probably conk out around the Bag O’Weed (feat. Tray Dee) mark, but Cleer’s Enduro 100 (£170) will get you closer to Me & My Homies (feat. 2Pac) from Retro Twerkout. They might not quite see you through to the very end of the playlist (PYT from Warren G’s Warren Griffin III), but with a battery life that’ll last just over four full days of continuous playback, and a five-minute USB-C quick charge that adds an extra hour each time, these 100-hour cans are the most hardworking we’ve ever seen.