The Beatles Yellow Submarine turntable is exactly what you’d expect. Also: bonkers

And the band begins to play…
08 May 2018 / 15:59BST

You might think you’re a big fan of The Beatles, what with owning all their records, and having somehow come into possession of Ringo Star’s bongos. But your collection is nothing without Pro-Ject’s Yellow Submarine turntable (€449). Unlike the company’s previous ‘artist collaborations’ fare, this isn’t a standard turntable with some printed artwork and carefully considered materials – it’s a turntable in the shape of a yellow submarine. As in, the yellow submarine from the movie (which is currently being restored for re-release). Naturally, it’s a great turntable, with its Ortofon Concorde quality pickup and vibration absorbing feet. But let’s face it: if you’re splashing out four hundred quid on this beauty, it’s as much for the spectacle as the sound.