The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge speaker is modelled on an old British pound coin

But you’ll need several thousand new ones to afford this wireless wonder
29 August 2018 / 11:15BST

Did you the know the odds of rolling a pound coin and it finishing upright like B&O’s super plush monolithic aluminium wireless speaker are 6000:1? The Beosound Edge (£2,900) isn’t the same size as a coin, of course, it’s been upscaled and can be wall mounted like a Swiss railway clock. And it is loud. A 10in woofer joins a 4in midrange driver and ¾in tweeters on either side. Compatible with AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth, the Edge is primed for all your streaming needs, while proximity sensors know when you’re approaching the device and illuminate the swanky touch controls. Want more wow for your £3k? To change the volume, you gently roll the Edge forwards or backwards, and Directional Sound Control manipulates where sound lands around 360 degrees, so little Timmy's cartoon binge doesn't need to be disturbed by your penchant for gangsta rap.