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Astell&Kern T5p cans are like catnip for audiophiles

And they'll sound extra sweet with your A&K hi-res audio player

Whether it’s all that time they spend hanging around strong magnets, some sort of static charge generated by the constant chin-stroking, or something else that only they can hear, audiophiles tend to gravitate towards each other. That must be how headphone experts Beyerdynamic teamed up with hi-res audio acolytes Astell&Kern for these high-end closed-back cans, which are specially tuned for the latter’s portable music players. The second-generation AK T5p headphones also have a specially made eight-conductor braided cable that the company reckons will help to make your music sound perfectly balanced – no Bluetooth here. Only 1000 pairs are being made, with a hefty asking price of US$1199, but you can guarantee wearing a pair will be like a siren call to other audiophiles in your area.