8BitDo’s G.Bros wireless adaptor brings your retro Nintendo controllers back to life for the Switch

Switch it up, retro style
12 December 2018 / 10:57GMT

As great as Joycons are, sometimes it's fun to mix things up a bit by injecting some retro goodness into your gameplay. The GBros. wireless adaptor gives your original wired GameCube controller a new lease of life by enabling you to connect it to your Switch. The adaptor itself takes its style inspiration from the classic purple GameCube controller, and features built-in home and screenshot buttons. It also includes a Wii Classic port which means you can play on your Switch with NES and SNES controllers, too. It's equipped with a USB port, so you can also use your retro controllers on your PC. With Bluetooth support, the little adaptor runs on an AA battery and has an affordable price tag of just £18.

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