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Wiz smart lighting: the complete guide to the Wi-Fi light system

This lighting brand likes to put you in the spotlight with its Wi-Fi light system that doesn't need a hub

Wiz smart lighting

Wiz is designed to be an easy Wi-Fi-light-based system, so you don’t need to buy an extra hub to get it to work. Lights can work independently or you can link them in the app.

As well as the phone app and Wiz remote, we’d recommend getting a couple of Wiz Smart Buttons – these devices are physical switches, and might come in very handy.

As with all lighting systems, you need to check the fitting if you’re getting standard bulbs – and you need to ensure they’re dimmable if you want them to be.

You can control your Wiz lights in a number of ways.

For simplicity, there’s a remote control and a wall switch for toggling between your two favourite modes. Naturally, you can also adjust things with the phone app – and if you have a smart home voice assistant, just issue spoken commands.

Wiz Imageo Adjustable Spotlight

Wiz Imageo Adjustable Spotlight

Wiz produces a whole range of spotlight-style smart lights in gleaming white or sassy black. You can choose from units with one, two or three bulbs, each of which can be twizzled to highlight individual areas of your room.

These Matter-certified lights can be connected to your home Wi-Fi and controlled through the Wiz app. Here you’re able to set schedules, create scenes and more. You can even set the lights to come on when they detect motion, without using separate motion sensors – the units’ own SpaceSense technology takes care of that.

These spotlights can output millions of colours, and Wiz has custom-designed a number of dynamic modes to create mood-lifting atmospheres. If it’s cold outside, for example, switch the lights to Fireplace mode and the room instantly feels warmer. If you’re feeling stressed, Ocean mode is the next best thing to relaxing by the sea.

Wiz Filament Bulb Clear E27

Filament Bulb Clear E27

Filament bulbs aren’t all that popular these days, but used correctly they look great. This Wi-Fi light has an E27 fitting (large screw fit), and pumps out 6.7W of light, the equivalent of an old-style 60W bulb. It’s only white, but that glow can be adjusted to offer a warm or cool light using the Wiz app or voice control.

Wiz Colour Bulb E27

Colour Bulb E27

If you’d rather have a fruity colour bulb, this 8W offering also packs the power of an old-school 60W lamp on an E27 base – and this one’s also available in a bayonet version. It can glow in millions of colours, and works with Wi-Fi and Wiz SpaceSense. Plus it’s dimmable, for when you’re feeling all moody like.

Wiz Colour Globe E27

Colour Globe E27

This 11W bulb is another that comes in E27 format only, but its G95 shape – a whopping 9.5cm across – means it’s very much a statement light. You get 16 million colours to mess about with, as well as variable warm-to-cool white. Like the others, it’s compatible with voice control and the Wiz smartphone app.

Wiz Squire Table Lamp

Squire Table Lamp

If it’s a table lamp you want, this one certainly brings a fresh look compared to that creaky old Anglepoise. More importantly, it’s able to cast light of one colour onto the wall while glowing a different shade over the surface around it. At just under 14cm tall, wide and long, it’ll fit on most tables and shelves.

Wiz Smart Plug

Smart Plug

Here’s a handy shortcut to Wi-Fi light utopia: plug a Wiz Smart Plug into the wall, and plug your usual ‘dumb’ lamp into it. Sorted.

Wiz Superslim Ceiling 14W

Superslim Ceiling 14W

With a large diameter and a thin profile – it’s just 2.3cm deep – this tweakable white ceiling light does its best to be unobtrusive.

Wiz LED strip 4M

LED Strip 4M

Like Hue, Nanoleaf and Lifx, Wiz is selling a snake-like striplight. This one is 4m long, and offers 16 million colours including cool-to-warm whites.

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