This is what your next Xbox could look like

We’ve rounded up the best artist's impressions the internet has to offer before the big Xbox reveal next week

The next Xbox is unveiled on May 21st – and to whet your appetite, we've rounded up the best concept designs from the far reaches of the internet.

Xbox leak

Xbox concept design by Microsoft

Microsoft (rumoured) – This is the nearest we've come to an official Microsoft reveal – a leaked design document that allegedly comes direct from Redmond. Would Microsoft really make their next-gen console a Blu-ray player-shaped box? It could point to a shifting of priorities away from a pure gaming device to more of a home entertainment hub. Or it could just be a placeholder image to help keep the design a secret.

The GLaDOS look

David Hansson – If the Portal designers were charged by Microsoft to create the next Xbox this would be the result. It’s a bit over-the-top, though. Imagine this under your TV – the geek equivalent of parking a Lamborghini in your driveway.

The mobile tray

3DEricDesign – This a sleek, all-inclusive portable design that we love. The slide out touch-keyboard and touch controls on either side of that large screen look great. But looks aren’t everything. Unless this came with a full-sized controller, and the option to output to a TV we wouldn’t be happy. If it did, this could roll your PC and console into one eye-watering package – that would double perfectly as a breakfast-in-bed tray.

The boxy Xbox Box

9 Breaker – Despite its simplicity this design can’t be ignored – it’s the closest to the leaked image from the alleged Microsoft briefing document that we’ve seen so far. Box-like and basic though it might be this would fit comfortably into any self respecting futurist’s front room.

The Wii one

ivul – If Microsoft decided to take a few pointers from the Nintendo Wii U, this would be the result. While screens on controllers can be fun, it’s a bit of a fad that chews through battery life. And frankly, the current Xbox controller is perfect – it would be sacrilege to change it.

The tower

Xbox World – the front cover of Xbox World Magazine, this is one of the most elegant examples we've seen. A side loading tray, metallic touches and the option to stand or sit all make for a simple but attractive case. It might be a bit too Wii-like for some, though – gamers like speed lines and air intakes, as proved by innumerable gaming PC rigs.