Upvoted: The best office chairs to boost your home working

You need Kardashian bucks to surgically bolster your backside, so stay away from the surgeon and spend your money on one of these fancy new posterior plinths

Here's little advice before you park your bum.

There’s no requirement to break the bank, but if you’ve dropped well over a grand on a desk, laptop, monitor and fancy wireless keyboard, don’t let the side down with a cheapo chair.

If you’re going to be sitting in it all day, make sure your seat of choice has adequate support, particularly for your back. The more you pay, the more adjustable parts you’re likely to get.

Desk chairs tend to come with casters, which can cause wear to carpets and mark wooden or laminate floors, so you might want to invest in a protective mat or even swap them for gliders.

You wouldn’t buy a new suit without trying it on first, so if you can, plant your behind on any prospective chairs before you take the plunge. It’ll help you find The One.