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Upgrade your iPhone 6s

Give your trusty iPhone 6s a second wind with these tech-tastic pick-me-ups

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1. OlloClip Macro Pro Lens

It might have Apple’s best ever snapper, but there are still many photographic tricks the iPhone 6s isn’t capable of. One of those is taking macro shots of tiny critters, who must love seeing the huge rectangular spaceships descend towards their ‘bad’ side. This set comes with 7x, 14x and 21x macro extenders, the latter of which is powerful enough for a profile pic of a dragonfly’s head.

2. Shure Motiv MV88

The iPhone’s mic is fine for a voice memo, but for recording music you’ll need the extra sensitivity of an external stereo mic. This condenser model captures 24-bit/48kHz audio, making it ideal for recording interviews, band practice or video audio. It plugs into your Lightning port and has a 90° hinge, which means you can point it towards the audio source while shooting landscape videos for your YouTube channel. £120 / shure.co.uk

3. Arcam MusicBoost

Audiophiles used to be easy to spot. They were the strange folk with a portable DAC strapped to their iPhones with rubber bands. Now there is a more elegant way to refine an iPhone’s sound and power big on-ear cans. The MusicBoost might not be discreet, but it does house a Texas Instruments DAC, an Arcam amp and an external battery that promises to double your playing time.

4. MiPow Power Tube 3000

Most external batteries are pretty dumb, overheating your phone and, occasionally, even melting its internal power cells. This 3000mAh pack (enough for one and a half extra charges) gives you peace of mind by monitoring your iPhone’s temperature and charge level via its app. The app’s Away Alert function can also give you a nudge if you accidentally leave the Power Tube behind.

5. Wahoo Tickr

Heart-rate tracking is the most accurate way to measure your fitness gains. And even more reliable than the optical sensors found in most fitness watches are chest straps like the Tickr. This phone-friendly one has both ANT+ and Bluetooth to ensure it talks to GPS watches, and also RunKeeper, Strava and Nike+. Prefer to pound treadmills? The Tickr Run’s accelerometer (£65) will track your indoor runs.

Finishing touches

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