Ultimate setup: HTC One M9

The best cases, headphones, accessories and chargers for your shiny new handset

The HTC One M9 is currently sitting pretty at the top of Stuff's top 10 smartphone list, and it could soon be nestled in your pocket too.

If there's an M9 in your life then you'll want to treat it to everything it deserves, so we've rounded up everything from cases to chargers to make sure it's as comfortable, and as useful, as possible.

And if you want to know _why_ the M9 is so highly thought of round Stuff Towers, you'll want to read our full HTC One M9 review too.

Orzly tempered glass screen protector (£7)

The M9 is a beautifully made piece of tech, and we won't blame you if you decide not to cover it up. You will risk denting its gorgeous metal body by opting to live case-free though. Still, a few dings and scratches aren't the end of the world. But screens? They just shatter and crack, taking your heart along with them.

We've tried a fair few plastic screen protectors over the years, and nothing beats tempered glass. It feels lovely and smooth beneath the fingertips thanks to an oleophobic coating (which also helps reduce smudges and fingerprints), and while it might still shatter if dropped, the original screen beneath will still be intact.

Buy the Orzly tempered glass screen protector

Case-Mate Barely There case (£15)

If you do want to give that all-aluminium body some protection though, we don't blame you. This offering from Case-Mate should shield your M9 from most drops, and it's thin enough to ensure that you won't need to adjust your pockets at a tailor's to accommodate its extra girth.

All the standard button cutouts are present and accounted for and the front lip is raised, letting you lay the M9 screen-down. Combined with a tempered glass screen protector, you should have the sleekest, hardest handset on the block.

Buy the Case-Mate Barely There case