Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

Here's all the gear you need to get more out of your skinny new tablet
Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

You've got your svelte new iPad Air, marvelled at its sleek design, loaded up your apps and wrapped it up in cotton wool to protect its aluminium rear. Now what?

Why, you shower it with accessories of course. Here are a few we've rounded up to protect and enhance Apple's latest iSlate:

Targus Versavu Rotating Case for iPad Air (£45)

Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

The Targus Versavu combines a full-body case with a rotatable stand that'll prop the Air up in both landscape and portrait orientations. A hard back shell will protect it from any nasty drops while the soft inner lining of the front cover should protect the screen from scratches.


Anker Astro Pro2 external battery power Pack (£70)

Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

This huge 20,000mAh battery pack has enough juice in it to charge a laptop, so it should handle the Air with ease once its 10-hour battery has given up and gone to bed. Ideal for festivals and long flights, you'll never be left wanting for a plug socket again. Just remember to give those peepers a break every few hours or so eh? Square eyes and all that.


Griffin Survivor for iPad Air (US$80)

Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

Griffin's rugged shatter-resistant polycarbonate case will happily protect your precious iPad Air from nasty drops, British downpours, dirt, sand and more, thanks to its built-in screen protector and hinged plugs which cover up all of the Air's buttons and ports when not in use. Definitely one for sporty and/or clumsy gadgeteers, it'll be available in the UK from 11 November.


Wacom Bamboo Solo stylus (£17)

Wacom's squidgy rubber-tipped stylus is responsive and well-suited to doodling and writing alike, while its heavy, solid metal finish is a worthy partner to the iPad Air's own premium build. The rubber nib is also replaceable, saving you from having to buy a new stylus after wear and tear kicks in. Fruit Ninja Marathons are taxing, after all.


Belkin storage cover (£30)

Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

This case's soft inner lining will treat your iPad Air's beautiful aluminium build with the love and care it deserves, while its integrated expandable pocket will store your headphones, stylus and other bits and bobs. Who's neat and organised now? You are, that's who.


Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB hard drive (£150)

Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has already expressed his disappointment with the storage space available in the iPad Air, stating that 128GB just wouldn't cut it for his vast media collection. If you're in the same boat then this portable 1TB hard drive is the answer. It's got more than enough space for even the heaviest media addicts and it can stream content up to eight different devices simulataneously via Wi-Fi.