Sony Xperia Z1: the 10 best apps to download first

Here are the perfect apps to make the most of Sony’s waterproof photo star of a smartphone
Sony Xperia Z1: 10 apps to download right now

Just bought a Sony Xperia Z1? Lucky you – as our review points out, it’s a stonker of a smartphone with a fantastic camera and one of the most life-proof builds in mobile. Here are ten ideal apps (eight of them free) to get you started.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Photoshop on mobile may lack its desktop brother’s ubiquity and do-it-all complexity, but it’s still a fine image-editing app – and free to boot.

Snaps taken with the Z1’s camera can be cropped, straightened, rotated and flipped, and adjusted via slider for parameters like colour, contrast, clarity and tint. Alternatively, just tap the auto-fix button and the app will tweak everything using its own algorithms.

There are also over 20 filters to apply, and the ability to share photos directly to all the usual social media suspects.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express

Press (£1.93)

Quite possibly Android’s finest RSS reader, Press automatically pulls in stories from all your favourite websites, enabling you to swiftly browse through up-to-date headlines. It’s a looker too, and because it’s a paid app its clean layout isn’t spoiled by unsightly ads.

Download Press

Flickr (Free)

Flickr (Free)

Photo sharing service Flickr has been around for eons (in internet terms at least) and over the past couple of years flirted with fading into near-obscurity – but owner Yahoo! recently gave it a much-needed shot in the arm by handing every user a free terabyte of storage space.

The mobile layout is much improved too, with a cleaner look and the ability to watch slideshows of your (or anyone else’s) shots, or simply swipe through them.

Download Flickr

Super Stickman Golf 2 (Free)

A simple but maddeningly addictive casual game in which you play increasingly outlandish holes of 2D golf. It’s a little like Worms, a little like Angry Birds and not very much like actual golf (more fun, if you ask us).

Download Super Stickman Golf 2

MapMyHike (Free)

MapMyHike (Free)

The Xperia Z1 is tougher than 99 percent of its rivals – one of the few flagship smartphone models you could take out on a hike and not have to clad in some kind of watertight kevlar case.

This app, from the makers of MapMyRun, is designed for hikers and thus tracks time, distance and elevation as you yomp through the wilderness. And because it plots accurate maps of your routes, it’s a great way to remember the best ones for next time.

Download MapMyHike