Smartphone supertest: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG G5 vs iPhone 6s vs HTC 10

This year’s four most important flagship phones go head-to-head

Bad news, dear reader. There’s never been a better time to buy a smartphone. Honestly, it’s a total nightmare.

Not for you, of course. For you, choosing between the flagships from Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC is easy. You can walk into any phone shop and stride out with the best handset you’ve ever owned.

Spare a thought for your Stuff reviews team, though. Thanks to the LG G5, HTC 10, Samsung S7 Edge and iPhone 6s, we’ve got it bad. That’s because we can’t just tell you all these phones are fantastic and be done with it. Oh no, we’ve got to let you know which one is the best. The undisputed champ. The one you’ve got to live with for the next two years. Thanks to an abundance of infuriating excellence, that task is tougher than ever before. 

There's the iPhone 6s, which is like iPhone 6, but better. In such a tight contest, will 3D Touch, a faster processor and an improved camera be enough to seal it for Apple’s bestseller? Or there's the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Our Gadget of the Year for 2015 now has waterproofing and microSD storage. Plus, it zips along like a supercar.

Or perhaps we'll prefer the LG G5: the smartphone, reinvented. LG’s latest is modular, so you can swap out its parts for customisable add-ons. Nifty, right? Finally there's the HTC 10, which is a bit like the M9, but without a rubbish camera. HTC needs the 10 to be a hit, so it’s rebuilt its predecessor from the ground up without any Fancy Dan extras.

Which one to go for? The struggle is real, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this dedicated flagship supertest.

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