11 of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories

The best techy treats for your new best friend

If you're a proud (or expecting) owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7, then congratulations. You've got yourself a fine handset, packed with the latest and greatest the smartphone world has to offer. But it could be better.

No, we're not talking about the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S8. We're talking about kitting out your S7 with the very best gear, ensuring that it reaches its maximum potential while it's in your service.

Here's our round-up of some of the best Galaxy S7 treats currently available:



Official Samsung Wireless Charging stand (£60)

Despite supporting fast charging, the Galaxy S7 also retains its wireless charging skills. Samsung’s official dock is rather pricey, but it promises to juice up your Galaxy S7 up to 1.4 times faster than traditional Qi charging docks. While it’ll still be slower than using a traditional cable, it’s ideal for leaving your handset sipping on juice overnight. Built-in over-charging prevention means that it’ll turn itself off once the battery has been fully charged, and the fact that it props up the handset means you can make use of the Galaxy S7’s always-on clock display in the middle of the night.

Buy the Official Samsung wireless charging dock here

Ikea Varv table lamp (£50)

If you like your wireless charging a little more on the subtle side then you might prefer Ikea’s all-white lamp, which features a Qi charger built into its base. The base also has a handy USB port for faster tethered charging, or, if you prefer, simultaneous device charging. Bear in mind that you’ll need to fork out for a lightbulb separately.

Buy the Ikea Varv table lamp here 

Samsung Gear VR (£80)

The Samsung Gear VR shell headset is the best virtual reality experience you’re going to get outside of the super-expensive experiences offered by the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (like their predecessors) are the only smartphones loaded up with Oculus’ software, meaning you’ll have access to VR games and apps unavailable elsewhere. The Galaxy S7’s 2K screen and powerful Snapdragon 820 processor should handle VR content with ease too, once you’ve slotted it into the Gear VR headset. Just remember to return to the real world occasionally to, you know, eat and stuff.

Buy the Samsung Gear VR here


OnePlus Power Bank (£16)

Vying for the title of best-value accessory, this 10,000mAh battery will charge your Galaxy S7 three times over for the price of a pub lunch. The 16mm-thick Power Bank is slim enough to slip into a coat pocket, and its minimalist design means your S7 probably won’t notice it’s made by rival OnePlus. Dual USB ports mean you can charge two devices simultaneously too.

Buy the OnePlus Power Bank here 

Celluon PicoPro (US$350)

We’ve seen pico projectors before, but none that are quite as good a match for today’s slim-waisted smartphones as this wireless, laser HD model. Despite being half an inch thick, the PicoPro can comfortably blast a watchable 50in picture onto a wall in a darkened room to show off your cat videos. It can also wirelessly connect to your Galaxy S7 (and other Android devices) via Miracast and has a two-hour battery life. Its laser technology also means it runs cool and quiet, and will automatically stay in focus no matter the distance.

Buy the Celluon PicoPro here 

Official S View Cover Case (£32)

It might not be bulletproof or made from laser-cut bamboo, but this official Samsung case does a decent job of all-round protection, with the additional benefit of an ‘S-View’ window. When closed, the phone switches into S-View mode, letting you answer calls, reply to messages and take snaps without having to open up the case.

Buy the official S View cover case here