10 of the best LG G5 cases

Wrap your 5-star phablet in the best armour around

Time was, the world needed protecting from your mobile: one drop of a Nokia could see a patio in pieces.

Alas, today’s crop of metal-and-glass phablets are a far cry from the tough tech of old – and LG's newest flagship is no exception.

Sure, the G5’s aluminium unibody shell is hardly flimsy – but it’s nothing a few meetings with the pavement couldn’t punish.

Fear not, though, because Stuff has scoured the internet in search of the best cases for your brand-spanking G5. You can thank us later.

Official LG G5 Quick Cover case

A case so good that LG revealed it before the phone it's made for, the Quick Cover is a nifty G5 wrapper that keeps those always-on essentials just a glance away - courtesy of a convenient cutout. What's more, its semi-transparent mesh construction means you can swipe-to-answer without even opening it.

Buy the LG G5 Quick Cover case here

Meet the mobile

Patchworks Flexguard case

Suffering from sweaty-pawed excitement at the sight of your new G5? Add some extra grip to its 7.7mm-slim shell with Patchworks' Flexguard case. Its rear panel is textured for non-slip style, while the case itself has both an impact-absorbent structure and reinforced corners, so no more crying over cracked glass. 

Buy the Patchworks Flexguard case here

Caseology Skyfall case

Hide your G5 in plain sight with Caseology's shock-absorbent Skyfall case. A clear rear keeps your swanky smartphone on show, while the black polycarbonate bumper banishes drop-induced cracks. What's more, a well-placed portal means you'll still be able to stick your digits on the G5's fingerprint scanner.

Buy the Caseology Skyfall case here

BELK Premium Folio Flip Case

Aluminium is all well and good, but we do miss the leather rear of the LG G4. Thankfully, you can now re-live the cow-clad glory days with your G5 guilt-free, courtesy of this PU leather folio case from Belk. Complete with a couple of card slots and a cash compartment, this slim second-skin is a perfect backup if Android Pay goes awry.

Buy the BELK Premium Folio Flip case here

The one before

Official LG G5 Cam Plus module

OK, so it's closer to half a case - but this insert for your new mobile's modular bottom will boost the G5's battery by 1200mAh, put specific camera keys (including a scroll wheel) under your fingertips, and add happy-snapping comfort courtesy of a padded grip. What more could you want?

Buy the LG G5 Cam Plus module here