Pitch perfect: the 9 best tents for summer 2017

Whether you're festival-bound or heading to the actual wilderness, we've got the camping companions for you...

Smart homes and car roof tents are all well and good, but sometimes it's good to feel the earth beneath your sleeping bag.

Yep, it's time for a proper countryside adventure, but how to choose your nylon hotel? Our camping expert has picked his favourite canvas homes for 2017, ranging from festival-friendly pop-ups to solo sleep facilitators.

But before you pick the right one to match your summertime trip, here are some handy pegs of wisdom to pitch your plan on...

The best lightweight tents

The spacious options

The quick pitchers

9) The festival essential: Cinch! 2nd gen (from £190)

Until Cinch, pop-up tents offered little more than a dry place to lie down at a festival – and a good laugh when watching people wrestle it back in the bag. But with dual internal layers, a spacious porch area and a host of tech extras, this is an instant-pitch tent to be proud of.

Available in three sizes (although only the four-man version is currently in stock), each one comes with trip-averting luminous guide ropes, four insanely sensible LED tent pegs, the option of a roof-mounted solar panel (£70) and a 13,000mAh, twin USB port battery bank with enough juice to charge an iPhone six times. You'll be the envy of Bushy Ground.