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Is an Nvidia handheld console my biggest gaming wish? I think so


We can’t move for handheld gaming device news at the moment. I’m expecting a Nintendo Switch 2 anytime between now and the year 3000, while others are hoping the next Xbox is a handheld console. Me though? I want something new, and some circulating gossip has me excited. That would be an Nvidia handheld games console of its own.

Before we delve into the who, what and why’s, we’re basing what we know solely on rumours. Nothing is certain until Nvidia formerly announces an Nvidia handheld device. But that won’t stop us from speculating.

Is an Nvidia handheld gaming device coming?

Maybe. As the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumoured to be powered by the Nvidia T239 chip, it would make sense for Nvidia to implement its own tech into its own devices. Nvidia already powers handheld devices like the Logitech G CLOUD device, so why not make their own?

But Nvidia’s plans may not just be speculation. Moore’s Law is Dead, a well trusted leaker and YouTuber, has purported that Nvidia is “getting serious about making more handheld gaming devices with their graphics IP.” Moore’s Law is Dead points to Nvidia being less than happy that AMD has the Steam Deck, which may be our favourite handheld outside of the Nintendo Switch.

What can we expect with a potential Nvidia device, if it was to actually happen? We have no idea, to be quite honest. Aside from that it’ll be a handheld device, obviously. Nvidia might choose to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck, and offer power demanding gaming titles on a powerful, portable device. It may look to go a little more consumer friendly and commercial with a device that performs well at a wallet-friendly price point. I would hope for a handheld that works equally as well with Xbox Game Pass, Steam and GeForce Now as it does for offline gameplay. Will it compete with the Nintendo Switch 2? Probably not, but Nintendo exists in a playful world of its own. But if Nvidia did release its own handheld, I hope they would throw their entire behind it. If they do, then I’ll be first on the waiting list.

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