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Go off-grid in this self-sustaining capsule

Sick of civilisation? This is definitely the answer

Finally, proof that we’re living in the future.

Yep, the time for us all to abandon our silly concrete houses and live in metallic eggs has arrived. Who knew it would come so soon? Meet Ecocapsule, an all-purpose travel pod for people who enjoy adventuring. 

I thought that people who enjoyed adventuring liked caravans and open-toe sandals and stuff?

Sure, the Ecocapsule caters for your sandal wearers and people who want to take it easy, but this pitch is actually aimed at people who want to travel farther afield than a sunny patch in the Dordogne. Ecocapsule allows you to go off grid entirely for long periods of time, thereby making trips into periously uninhabited places a more realistic prospect. You can’t do that in anything sitting on breeze blocks in Butlins.

OK, I want to go to Antarctica. Explain how my metallic egg would enable this.

So, the first thing you wouldn’t find in Antarctica is electricity. Ecocapsule sorts this by hosting 2.62m2 of solar cells on its roof and a 750w wind turbine. If you’re not using the power in the day then the energy is stored in the 9744wh battery for use in the evenings. To be clear, that’s almost as much energy storage as one of those fancy Tesla batteries everyone’s been talking about. Given that you’re unlikely to be indulging in Breaking Bad marathons or doing loads of washing at 90 degrees with extra spin, that would likely last a long while.

I’ve changed my mind. I want to go to a desert. Like the one in Aladdin.

Casting aside for a moment that Aladdin is a Disney movie, and that fact that you’re exceptionally fickle, the Ecocapsule could probably let you do that too. The convex roof enables it to collect rain water; this water is then filtered, making it entirely suitable for washing and even flushing. Yep, it may look small but in spite of its modest size the capsule features a kitchenette, flushing toilet and hot shower in its 8 square metres of living space. There’s even external and internal space for storing all the Indiana Jones-esque kit you might fancy.

Right, so I’ll be comfortable. But that won’t stop me from being so incurably lonely that I have to befriend the local wolves.

That might not actually be a bad idea; as well as being towable by car, the makers assure us that the Ecocapsule can be ‘pulled by pack animal’ if necessary. Assuming you do have some human friends, we’ll point out that the living space is suitable for up to two people – but note that there is only one bed. So if you do decide to bring a travelling companion, you should probably start practicing your spooning technique.

Right then, I’m ready to get all Bear Grylls and face nature. What now?

The Ecocapsule is currently still at the protyping stage and isn’t due for manufacture until later this year. If you’re planning an adventure into the wilderness with this metallic wonder then you should probably wait until early 2016, when they’re due to arrive. As for the cost… well that’s something you’ll have to discuss with the designers at Nice Architects, who thought up the idea – it doesn’t yet have an official price.