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Galaxy Ring: everything we know about the Samsung wearable

What can we expect from the Oura ring competitor?

Samsung Galaxy Ring MWC 2024 sensors

There is no longer one ring to rule them all, at least when it comes to finger-based fitness trackers. Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Ring later this year, directly competing with the Oura ring fitness and sleep tracker.

But what can we expect in a Samsung smart ring? Here’s everything we know about the forthcoming wearable, and whether it’s worth your money.

Design: one ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring MWC 2024 gold

There’s no real surprises when it comes to the design of th Samsung Galaxy Ring. We can expect the ring to look like, well, a ring. It’ll be available in eight ring sizes from five to 12, and will weigh around three grams. Compared to the current Oura Ring, which weighs between 4-6g, the Samsung ring is much lighter, but the weight disparity is pretty negligible when both are already so light. It will also be available in three colours; gold, silver and black.

Much like the Oura Ring, the Galaxy Ring will feature a sensor on the inside of the ring. On first impressions, the Galaxy Ring looks roughly the same width as the Oura Ring. From personal experience, the Oura Ring makes for a pretty ideal fit.

Features: streamlined

Samsung Galaxy Ring MWC 2024 trio

When it comes to the Galaxy Ring, we can expect a host of health tracking tech. This could include an ECG sensor and blood flow monitoring, alongside sleep tracking, a heart rate monitor, and potentially a blood pressure monitor and aFib detection.

A major difference however between the Oura and Galaxy Ring is how the Galaxy ring will work in tandem with existing health data from Galaxy smartwatches. We can expect the Galaxy Ring to replicate Samsung’s 24-hour activity and sleep pattern features as seen in its smartwatches. This would also allow the ring to track steps, floors climbed, calories burned, stress level monitoring and more.

Rumours also suggest the Galaxy Ring will include some pretty novel features not shared by its competitors. The ring will likely be able to control other Samsung devices with the swish of a finger, which I’m sure everyone agrees would be pretty cool.

Price and release date

Samsung Galaxy Ring MWC 2024 pair

We’re not quite sure at what price point the Galaxy Ring will start at, but in order to compete with the Oura Ring we can expect it to be somewhere around the $300/£300 mark. And while we don’t have a release date just yet, we predict a launch in July 2024, with a release date in August.

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