Everything you need to note about the Apple Pencil

Palm rejection

Feel free to rest your palm on the iPad Pro as you try and art. The iPad Pro is smart enough to recognise and reject palm contact so you don’t give yourself arm cramps by hovering the Apple Pencil over the screen like you would a whiteboard.

Slim shady

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With pencil tools in most drawing apps such as the likes of Notes and Paper by FiftyThree, you can shade using the Apple Pencil. Just turn it to the side like you would with a real pencil and commence shading. It’s amazingly realistic.

Pressure sensitive

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With optimised apps like the native Notes or Adobe Sketch, how hard you press on the screen with the tip determines how dark or bold your strokes are, depending on the brush type you’re using in-app. So you can create incredibly captivating images like this... extremely realistic sun with rays of varying thickness.

Lightning charged

Pairing the Apple Pencil is astoundingly easy. You’ll be prompted to pair the Apple Pencil once you plug it into your iPad Pro. Unfortunately, there’s no indicator on the Pencil itself to let you know if you’re running low on battery, but you can monitor usage levels on the iPad Pro itself under the widget section of the Notification Centre.

A full charge gets you 12 hours of Pencil use, while you can get a quick 30 minute battery fix by plugging it into your iPad Pro for 15 seconds. Just uncap the magnetic end and plug in.