Eco boost: tech to help save the planet

Seeing green

Yes, we’re fully aware of the irony in a magazine called Stuff warning of the dangers of rampant consumerism; but as the tech industry adapts to greener ways of working, we want to champion those forging ahead with more sustainable solutions that don’t sacrifice style or substance. 

Remember when going eco-friendly at home meant buying an ‘A’-rated tumble dryer? Now we’re spoilt for choice, with gadgets to improve air quality, audio gear made from old rubbish, and food blenders so quiet

So allow us to show you the greener side of tech...

Words by Chris Haslam, James Day, Natalya Paul


Le Cord Ghost Net (£28)

It’s hard to get all fired up when looking to buy a charging cable... but with eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into the oceans each year, this, the world’s only Apple MFi-certified charge and sync cable made of recycled fishing-net plastics and textiles, is about as exciting as it gets – and the brand gives a dollar to watery charity Oceana for every purchase

Juice iPhone Eco Case (£20)

Pop it on the compost heap when you’re bored with it and this iPhone case will break down and return to the earth in just 12 months – the same time as a regular teabag. Rated to protect from 1m drops, it’s made from wheat corn and starch, with colours taken from renewable natural sources, including bamboo and the contents of that aforementioned teabag.


Welltek Naava (£poa)

Let’s face it, despite your love of all things green, you still manage to kill the hardiest of perennials and most drought-resistant succulents. What you need is this 3G-connected, remotely-monitored, self-contained smart wall stuffed full of air-filtering plants. It’ll purify up to 60m2 of air, and uses AI to predict and adjust watering and lighting patterns.


Noise pollution stresses us out, so we asked hushabye experts Quiet Mark for their top five home appliances that won’t leave your head in a spin.


Way back when, if you wanted to be eco-friendly and get some entertainment you’d chain yourself to a bulldozer and hang on for the ride; these days, however, there’s plenty in the way of sustainable technology to satiate your thirst for fun at home

Apple Pro Display XDR (£4599)

When Apple launched its latest dreamy monitor, many people shrugged it off as a folly for the overpaid graphic design brigade... but with a screen that beats anything LG and Samsung have to offer, this might just be the finest hybrid workhorse and entertainment centre money can buy. P

lug in an iMac or MacBook (2018 and up) and bask in its pixel-perfect 6K resolution, supported by unrivalled brightness and the array of blue LEDs modulated by 12 controllers that mean light and dark don’t spoil each other’s fun.

Then you can stream Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go, Apple TV+, iPlayer... basically anything you’d get from a smart TV. Yeah, you’re thinking, but where’s the green angle here?

Well, all the aluminium used is smelted in factories powered by hydroelectricity, 50% of the plastic comes from recycled sources, so does the tin in the solder, and every single supplier Apple uses has committed to using 100% renewable energy.

Oh, and the Pro Display XDR itself is no planet-plunderer: its electricity consumption is 40% below the Energy Star limit. All of which begs the question we’d all like to know the answer to: If Apple can make a 6K computer monitor with game-changing new screen technology that destroys the competition, and Macs that can feed it all those streaming services, why on earth don’t they just get on with it and make an actual TV?