Discover dual living with the Asus ZenBook Duo

In partnership with Asus: Welcome to the evolution of the Windows 10 laptop where two screens could be better than one

In partnership with Asus

Ditching the office commute was supposed to mean a better work-life balance, instead our digital lives feel busier than ever. If only there was some way we could be in two places at once without actually going anywhere. Well, the Asus ZenBook Duo might be your ticket to leading a double life.

Okay, so the Windows 10 laptop won’t lie to your family about your secret superspy existence, and as far as we’re aware it won’t facilitate time travel (we’ve still got some settings left to deep dive), but it does offer the promise of getting twice as much done in half the time. How? By becoming a multitasking maven with its unique twin displays.

We decided to put the Asus ultimate productivity machine to the test.   


Real-time results 

It’s 3pm on Thursday and we’ve got a deadline looming, but the boss wants to make some last minute changes to a presentation and has scheduled a video call. Normally panic stations set in when something like this happens, but this time we’ve got a solution to ease the stress.

Thanks to the Asus ZenBook Duo we can bring up the deck on the main 14in high-resolution touchscreen and stick Microsoft Teams on the 12.6in ScreenPad Plus below, so when the grand fromage calls it means any changes can be carried out in real-time and we can even screen share the results.

It’s just one way this killer screen combo can not only supercharge collaborative working and creativity, but complete two tasks at once and take productivity to the next level. Might have time to break out the biscuits with that coffee break after all.  

Upskilling on-the-fly 

Shock horror: Our inbox is looking emptier than ever, and not because we’ve done a cheeky mass delete – we’re talking a legit inbox zero.

Perhaps it’s finally time to watch that virtual workshop we bookmarked weeks ago. Thing is, we still need to be available on Slack should something urgent come in, and with the Asus ZenBook Duo, we can do both.

The laptop’s dual-screen setup is one thing, but it’s also the slick Windows 10 software and beefy internals helping us to run multiple applications at once – the Intel Core i9 processor and powerful Nvidia RTX MX250 graphics will see to that.    

Whether it’s ‘How to stream on Twitch’ or finally figuring out how to edit banners in Squarespace, we can watch media on the highest resolution setting, with our chosen enterprise messenger on standby below. 

With the window flick feature, a simple touchscreen swipe means we can also swiftly banish the tutorial to the ScreenPad, so nobody needs to know about our upskilling side-hustle while working. Failing that, we could just put the cricket on. No, on second thoughts that’s a terrible idea.

Playing parent

The kids might be back at school, but that isn’t going to stop them bursting through the front door at 4pm with twice as much homework as before. Time to share our workspace with an attention-seeking seven-year-old.

We heard a Jurassic 5 lyric once that said ‘the most you can spend on any child is time’, so given we’re not in the business of questioning the wisdom of Chali 2na and co. that means helping them master their times tables... while sifting through emails.

Our brains might not be wired to separate out the two tasks, but the Asus ZenBook Duo is. It allows us to create groups with up to five apps, sticking two on the main screen and three on the ScreenPad.

This acts like a secondary dock so we can keep school separate from work, and Nigel in accounts won’t be left wondering why we’ve sent him a multiplication chart instead of our expenses. 

Streaming with pals 

Staying on top of work is hard enough, but what about that must-see Marvel series your mates have somehow found the time to binge-watch and won’t stop banging on about?

We can’t deal with the FOMO, but catching up on WandaVision is going to take twice as long if we have to pause things every five minutes to read WhatsApp messages. Dual-screen laptop to the rescue once again.

With the streaming service setup in all its glory on the top display, and WhatsApp desktop on the ScreenPad, we can keeping tabs on the conversation while rifling through all the early episodes.

What’s more, there’s a handy shortcut button on the keyboard to switch screens and automatically resize content, so animated GIFs don’t have to play second fiddle to Elizabeth Olsen if you don’t want them to. 

When we fancied going extra big, the view max option meant spreading our preferred content across both screens – dead useful for displaying a fuller chat history without having to continually scroll back up. Because you know there’s always that one mate who insists on sending 15 individual texts instead of stringing actual sentences together in one message.