Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 15 gift ideas for adrenaline junkies

Heart-pumping presents for festive thrill-seekers

Christmas is a truly dull affair. No bungee jumps. No swimming with sharks. Just baubles, telly and a whole lot of wrapping paper.

If the thought of Santa shimmying down the chimney isn’t enough to keep your heart pumping, throw some thrills into the festive mix with our exhilerating gift guide.

From mountain boards to flying lessons, adrenaline junkies need look no further for sweaty palms on the 25th.

GoPro Hero 5 Session (£250)

Remember that time you went Nessie-hunting? And you actually saw what you thought might or might not have been the actual monster in the actual Loch Ness? Sadly, nowadays a charcoal drawing and a lot of insistence simply isn't enough to prove your exploits.

Put paid to evidential regret by picking up GoPro's pocket-sized Hero 5 Session. 4K-equipped and truly tough, its one-button interface makes capturing a cinch, whilst smart video stabilisation should help tackle your excited shaking as you scream, "I got it! I got it!"

Buy the GoPro Hero 5 Session here

HQ Raid ATB Assassin 8in Mountainboard (£185)

Take a skateboard. Kit it out with 8in tyres. What do you have? A death trap.

Ditch the DIY and grab this all-terrain board from HQ, instead. Perfect for beginners, its composite deck, lightweight construction and reinforced bindings should have you hurtling downhill before Christmas dinner is served. For a real thrill, grab a kite and head to the beach.

Buy the HQ Raid ATB Assassin 8in Mountainboard here

Bop It! XT (£25)

Forget extreme sports. For true heart-pounding pleasure, there's no more intense way to play than Bop It!. Sure, it looks like an innocent toy - albeit one adorned with various bits of oddly shaped plastic - but fire it up and you're in for a thrill.

"Pull it! Flick it! Twist it!" You won't have time to titter as the orders come thicker and faster, your ticker thrumming with adrenaline as the tempo increases. One wrong move and - breathe - it's all over. Time for a whisky, whilst your 5-year-old relative trounces your score.

Buy the Bop It! XT here

Bungee Jump at London 02 Arena (£60)

Boing. Boing. Boing. Snap! Give your adrenaline-hooked buddy something better than an elastic band to twang this Christmas with this bungee jumping experience.

Hauled 160ft into the air by a crane in the centre of London, they'll leap, bounce and land in full safety. If you can call some bits of stretchy rope wrapped around their ankles safe. Which we can't. But, hey, at least it's not you up there.

Buy a Bungee Jump at London O2 Arena here

Bell Full 9 Helmet (£400)

It's all well and good having the gear to get your adrenaline pumping, but one quick tumble and it's off to A&E for a Boxing Day in bandages.

Strap on some stylish safety with Bell's Full 9 helmet. A full-face protector, its carbon shell should see impacts easily shrugged off. Better still, it's got camera mounts built-in - so you know where to stick that new GoPro - as well as Soundtrax pockets for all-action tunes.

Buy the Bell Full 9 helmet here

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