Christmas Gift Guide 2019: 15 gadget gift ideas for tech kids

Clever kit for little critters

Ah, the unbridled excitement of Christmas morning. Gobbling the final Advent chocolate. Pulling back the curtains to check if it’s snowed. Scurrying downstairs to see what Santa’s brought. And all before sunrise.

Alas, while you might be the biggest kid in the house, at some point the sprogs get to go first – and your Yuletide duty is restricted to shouting “he’s been, he’s been, he’s been,” before demolishing an entire chocolate orange while jealously watching your offspring tear into their presents.

Stumped for what to stash in their stockings? From coding kits to fitness bands to tablets designed for clumsy paws, these clever gifts should make your role as Santa’s assistant that much simpler – and keep the little ones busy while you whip up a consolatory Irish coffee.