Buying guide: the best smart thermostats you can buy in 2019

It's time to get a proper housewarming present, but which smart thermostat's the right one for you?

Winter is most definitely here, but you don't want to spend it prodding away at your ancient thermostat - yep, it's time to upgrade to a smart one instead.

There are lots of reasons to get a new boiler-brain. Firstly, many of them let you talk to your heating via voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, which is an incredibly satisfying way to crank up the warmth.

But the main benefit is saving you cash (for boosting your comfort food fund) and cutting down on wasted energy.

Thanks to tech like geofencing and smart radiator valves, they can help your heating react to when you're actually around, and only warm up the rooms you're in.

So which thermostat's the right one for you? That's where we come in...