The best LOLs from YouTube’s Comedy Week

As YouTube's Comedy Week reaches its close, we pick out the highlights for your rib-tickling pleasure

Happy eighth birthday YouTube – and thanks for throwing money at comedians and creative geniuses for Comedy Week, it's much better than a birthday party clown. Here are the highlights of the week, for your viewing pleasure.

Arnie muscles in

Arnold Schwarzenegger himself kicked off YouTube Comedy Week. Yup, he can do funny.

The History of YouTube by The Gregory Brothers

The last eight years of YouTube crammed into one three and a half minute song. We may sit out the next eight and wait for the second summary song.

Guitar Warfare feat. FreddieW

The Wild West of YouTube is a guitar filled land of battle videos. Prepare your ears and eyes for mind-melting guitar solos.

Gregory Go Boom

If Napoleon Dynamite were paraplegic, more depressed, and Michael Cera – he’d be Gregory. This is the story of his discovery of the outside world, something he thought would be different.


Another satirical clubbing song, but made to perfection by The Gregory Brothers – and Psy.

Nuclear Family

A two child family tries to have a normal conversation over the dinner table. It doesn’t go so well. In a good way.

Start A Mumford Band

So simple but so true – the key ingredients for a Mumford And Sons band.

The Lonely Island – Semicolon

As wordsmiths we were easily drawn to this one. Don’t get all bitter and judgemental until you reach the end. We didn’t suffer that problem, ahem, honest.

Who is Khyan?

This is brilliantly clever, funny and it even has a twist. Go on, find out who he is.

The Internship viral

Parks and Recreation fans, prepare to enjoy some more Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) style laughs with added Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson. And this is just the build up to the Google movie The Internship.


Reggie Watts, famed for his pure vocal musical abilities, has stepped out of the cool zone and into the mackintosh of Rick Astley. Time to start Reg-Rolling then.

Sarah Silverman – Perfect Night

A night in with Sarah Silverman, plus, where not much happens – but in a way that pokes fun at club-loving rap songs. If Silverman did a Lonely Island song, basically.

Learn Guitar with David Brent

Nice to have someone representing the UK side of the Pond. Even if it is with a cringe-filled guitar lesson from The Office’s David Brent. Life on the Road is his latest song – we defy you not to laugh.