Culinary smarts: the best smart kitchen tech

Now you're cooking

Too many cooks might spoil the broth, but you can never have enough gadgets in the galley.

Looking for a smarter sous chef? Go from kitchen nightmares to culinary nirvana with the latest kitchen kit. 

From Wi-Fi fridges to connected cookers, the list below features all the ingredients for a Michelin star upgrade. So whether your blender’s on the blink or you want a better way to weigh, add these appliances to the mix and you’ll be cooking with gas.

The all-in-one appliance: Vorwerk Thermomix TM6 (£1149)

We can’t all have a galley fit for Gordon Ramsay. But with the Thermomix TM6, we might not need one: a countertop gadget that claims to replace more than 20 appliances, the TM6 is a truly a tool to rule the kitchen.

From boiling eggs and blending soups to cooking rice and doing sous vide, the TM6 is equipped to cook almost every kind of cuisine. It can even ferment yoghurt, if dairy’s your desire.

Once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, you can browse more than 60,000 recipes on the integrated touchscreen. A 500W motor then takes care of the mixing, while integrated scales can assess weights with an accuracy of 0.1g. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and it’ll soon make you a master chef.

The better blender: Vitamix Smart System Blender (from £449)

There’s more to blending than making a big mushy mess. And if it's smarter smoothies you’re searching for, Vitamix has the answer. Drop a Self-Detect container on top and its self-cleaning Smart System Blenders will wirelessly work out its size, then adjust the run time to suit. And with presets for everything from soups to spreads, it’s never been easier to blitz up a treat.

Want more creative control over your combinations? Pulse modes and variable speed settings let you experiment with textures, while custom timers mean you can adjust the duration to suit your density preference. Models like the A2500i ship with physical buttons, while the A3500i features a touchscreen interface for slicker inputs.

The well-equipped weigher: Salter Cook Bluetooth Digital Kitchen Scale (£30)

A dash of lime, a pinch of salt: for those of a culinary disposition, vague quantities are an opportunity to show off pro seasoning skills. For the rest of us, it’s all a gallon of guesswork.

Prefer to portion with more precision? Pair Salter’s Bluetooth scales with your smartphone and connect to better prep: besides accurate measurements in metric and imperial, you can follow recipes through the Salter Cook smartphone app for weigh-as-you-go instructions in real time.

The Aquatronic mode also makes it a cinch to mix liquids for smoothies or cocktails – because not every measure needs to be liberal.

The plonk preserver: Haier Wine Bank 50 Series 7 (from £749)

No kitchen is complete without a wine stash – and Haier’s clever cooler takes better care of your bottles. Shipped in two sizes, the largest Series 7 can store up to 77 vials of vino across two temperature zones. Fire up the hOn partner app to tweak the Celsius setting, as well as perusing programs tailored to perfectly protect your treasured collection. You can also scan individual tipples for tips, reviews and food pairings powered by Vivino.

Left to its own devices, the Bank 50’s UV screens stop harmful rays from getting through the glass, while a Natural Airflow System circulates filtered air for clean, consistent humidity. LED lights inside illuminate your inventory without transferring heat, plus the anti-vibration design prevents tiny tremors from stirring up sediment in your favourite vintage.

The dinky dunker: Anova Culinary Precision Cooker Nano (£129)

Sous vide is so much more than vacuum sealing scrummy food and dunking it in water. OK, so there is a lot of sealing and dunking – but the key to delicious results is constant temperature. Want a hot ticket to haute cuisine? Anova’s smart stick makes precision immersion easy peasy.

Connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Culinary Precision Cooker Nano can control temperatures with an accuracy of 0.1°C. Simply clip the Nano to the side of an existing pot, add your bagged-up grub and its heating coil will do the rest. You can monitor progress remotely from your mobile, where you’ll also find recipe inspiration from fellow food nerds.

The magic microwave: Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave ($150)

From quantity conversions to shopping lists, Amazon’s voice assistant can help you with all kinds of culinary conundrums. Add Sharp’s connected microwave to your counter and she can even zap your snacks.

Disguised as a standard stainless steel mini-oven, the smarter Sharp connects to your Wi-Fi network to receive instructions from your existing Echo device. Try “Alexa, reheat last night’s leftovers” or “Alexa, defrost 1KG of prawns.” The magic mic will then work out the appropriate power and time settings for fully cooked food.

There’s even a popcorn preset for perfect home cinema nibbles. Sure, you still have to leave the sofa to load up the turntable, but at least Alexa should help you avoid burnt kernels. Launched earlier this year, the Smart Countertop Microwave is currently only available in the US – but it could arrive in the UK soon.