7 questionable on-stage moments in CES history

Cheer up, Michael Bay. You’re not the first, and unlikely to be the last
7 questionable on-stage moments in CES history

Ah CES, that yearly event where tech companies attempt to one-up each other with all manner of circus tricks. Some work. Most don't.

The weapons in their armouries typically include celebrities, brash brand personalities, and that one variable factor - technology itself. After all, you can't pay tech to behave.

To make Michael Bay feel a little better about his public gaffe, here are 7 other memorable CES moments in history in no order of fail factor. 

Videos: YouTube, Image: The Sydney Morning Herald

Tweet Choir (Microsoft 2012)

Microsoft celebrated its last keynote at CES with a gospel choir singing choice Microsoft-related tweets. If you look closely at Ryan Seacrest's face you can actually feel him cringeing. What. Just. Happened?

Best bit: When it ended.