5 ways to re-awesomise your festival kit

The 2015 festival season is officially live – and here's the gear that'll make yours the best ever

Modern music festivals aren’t exactly a trek through the Appalachians, but you’ll still want to feel like the Bear Grylls of mild discomfort.

So to help you survive a weekend in a tent without access to proper running water, we've picked out the under-hyped stars of your camping line-up…

1. Brunton Heatsync Hot Seat

Folding up for easy carrying, this runs from any Brunton USB power bank (sold separately) and warms your derriere for over four hours on its medium setting.

2. Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack

While most dry sacks are made from rubbery and slightly less packable PVC, these waterproof nylon ripstop bags weigh almost nothing and easily fit into a pocketable pouch. Though only with one compartment, they are available in sizes up to 30l. Handy for that mandatory 24-hour downpour.

3. BioLite NanoGrid

Festival campsites can befuddle even the strongest sense of direction. Luckily, this combination of a PowerLight (torch, lantern and USB powerbank) and a string of SiteLights (120-lumen LEDs) will give your tent up to four hours of ‘full beam’ or 22 hours of softer light.

5. Save your juice


All Android phones will benefit from the Greenify app (download it here for free), which auto-hibernates apps you’re not using.


Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to see which apps are hogging your battery life. Force quit any leechers by flicking them away. Turn off location services too – Google Maps isn’t much use in a field.