5 things you need to know about Disney+

Updated: A controversial UK launch date has been confirmed

The term 'Disney+ and chill' might sound odd right now, but you'd better get used to it, because Disney will soon be joining the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Prive Video by launching a streaming service of its very own.

Although we've known about Disney's broader streaming ambitions for a while, there wasn't much concrete information with regard to Disney+ itself. When will it arrive? What will its catalogue look like? Will it feature an eight-part docudrama that looks into the making of the mid-90s classic, A Goofy Movie?

Well, we now have the answer to all of those questions and more, with Disney having laid out its plans for the work-in-progress streaming platform last week. So, without further ado, take our hand and find out why you'll most likely be splashing out on Disney+ when it finally arrives.

1) It'll launch on November 12 (in the US) with a pretty extensive catalogue

After what feels like a lifetime of teasing, we now know Disney+ will arrive in the U.S. on November 12, 2019. While that's good news for a variety of reasons, it means our readers in the States will be able to have a massive Disney binge when Christmas rolls around.

Of course, these days the term 'Disney binge' is a pretty all-encompassing term, and Disney+ promises to grant "unprecedented access" to your favourite films and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. In fact, the Disney+ library will apparently boast over 7,500 television episodes and 500 movies by the end of year one, which is pretty impressive when you consider that includes some of the biggest blockbusters in recent memory.

3) It'll only cost $6.99 per month at launch

Nope, that's not a typo. Disney+ will only cost $6.99 per month in the U.S. at launch. It's an aggressive price plan that massively undercuts market leader Netflix, which currently offers its standard subscription for $12.99 in the United States.

Reading between the lines, it's clear Disney is looking to undercut competitors to gain a foothold in the market, and while there's every chance the company will increase subscription fees further down the line, for now it looks like Disney+ will be one of the cheaper options.

4) Support for 4K HDR streaming has been confirmed

Cinephiles rejoice! We've had confirmation that Disney+ will adjust to the best possible high-definition option based on your available bandwidth, and will even support 4K HDR playback. That means, assuming you've got the creme de la creme of internet connections, you'll be able to sample the sweet high-def delights of 4K streaming.

When it comes to the streaming itself, you'll be able to access Disney+ on a wide range of mobile and connected devices, including game consoles, media players, and smart TVs. Of course, that's pretty much the norm these days, but it's nice to see Disney is covering all the bases.

5) It won't be available in the UK until March 2020

Those eagle eyed readers might've noticed we keep referring to the launch of Disney+ in the United States, and that's because Disney has caused a disturbance in the force by confirming the service won't be launching in the UK until March 31, 2020. While patience is a virtue, it's hard not to imagine that some fans will be left frustrated by the decision, which means they'll have to wait an extra four months before they can start binging original shows like The Mandalorian in their territory - all while avoiding juicy spoliers no doubt posted by viewers in the States. 

Frustratingly, the wait could be even longer for those living in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific, which Disney having prevously revealed some countries might not get the service until 2021. It's also unclear what the Disney+ catalogue will look like in those regions when it does evetually arrive, with the company also pointing out that "titles may vary by territory" as a result of existing licensing deals it has with rivals like Neflix.