5 iOS apps you need this week

Battle vampires, become a superstar DJ and save the dying Plop Galaxy in the pick of the week's iOS apps

We've pored over the week's iPhone and iPad app launches, and picked out the cream of the crop – from graphically stunning vampire actioner Bloodmasque and adrenaline-packed Riptide GP2 to the whimsical Sky Tourist.  

djay 2 (£0.99)

djay 2

The best-selling DJ app on iOS just got a sequel, with a brand new user interface and stacks of new features. Turning your iPhone (or for a few more pennies, your iPad) into a full-featured DJ system for your music library, djay 2 allows you to create live mixes, record them on-the-go or, if you’re feeling less inspired, enable Automix mode and leave it in the hands of the app. 

Sky Tourist (£0.69)

Sky Tourist

Puzzle platformer Sky Tourist isn’t just about the cutesy graphics and brightly coloured levels, it also features a unique control system that makes for both refreshing and challenging gameplay. You are in control of sky tourist Petey Pendant as he travels the universe, checking out new planets and collecting souvenirs over 75 levels. In each vertically scrolling stage, Petey is suspended on a rope between two rocket ships on either side of the screen. You’ll have to move these independently in order to move him into a position to collect objects, dodge obstacles and escape the tourist-hating locals. 

Bloodmasque (£4.99)

This game comes with a few prerequisites, so let’s get through those to start with. It’s a rather sizeable 1.2GB, it’ll need a network connection to work and it’s likely to eat into your battery life with all the fervour of a fat kid in a bakery. But get past all that, and Square Enix has a graphically impressive vampire-based treat for you. First shown off at E3 this year, action RPG Bloodmasque sets the scene at the close of the 19th century in vampire-ruled Paris. You play as a half-vampire hunter out to save humanity, with a nice touch of using a photo to really make your character your own.

Planet Plop (£Free)

Planet Plop

From the creators of the likes of FatBooth, UglyBooth and BoothStache, Planet Plop is a rather unexpected addition to the developer’s app arsenal, and a rather lovely – if deceivingly tricky – one at that. You must help save the dying Plop Galaxy by rotating the planets so the coloured magic drops fall on the corresponding coloured section of the planet. It might sound simple, but you’ll have to keep up with the rapidly falling drops or it’s game over – plus you’ll also have 30 side-missions to tick off as you go. It’s free for a limited time, so grab it for nada while you can.

Riptide GP2 (£1.99)

Riptide GP

Forget cars and motorbikes, rocket-powered hydro jet racing is really where it’s at. Riptide GP2 sees you hitting the water, learning stunts and tricks to wow the crowd and racing to upgrade your jet. There’s a single-player career mode or online multiplayer for 4-way races and you can choose between tilt or touchscreen controls. Graphics look great, too.