The 3 best Xbox One controllers you can buy

Can't choose which pad to pick? Let us help

Time was, you were lucky to get two buttons and a D-pad on your console controller. Oh, how times have changed.

Now, in this world of e-gaming and customise-your-kit-until-it-explodes upgrade options, there are more input options for your Xbox One than USB hubs in a second-rate computer hardware store.

From steering wheels to Kinect cameras, there’s no end to the litany of interfaces that can litter your living room floor.

What if, though, you just want one really, really good controller? A gamepad to cut through the chaff and faff, and deliver a delightfully precise Xbox gaming experience?

Look no further: we herded a host of Xbox controllers into a room and made them engage in a joystick tussle of epic proportions. Here are the three that made it out intact.