The 25 Xbox One games that every collection needs

UPDATED: Gears 5, FIFA 20, and more make the list

Whether you have the ultra-powerful Xbox One X, the updated Xbox One S, or the original Xbox One, one thing is for sure: you'll want to play the best of the best games around right now. Right?

Of course. And we're here to help with that endeavour, with our newly-updated list of the 25 best Xbox One games to play today. You'll find a broad selection of titles within, from big-budget shooters to mesmerising indie charmers – and everything in between.

And, while our list does tend towards newer releases, since we refresh the selection regularly and replace older picks with comparable recent selections, you'll also find some older Xbox One favourites you might've missed the first time around.

Gears 5

The "of War" might be gone, but the battle rages on anew in Gears 5 – a bolder offering than Gears of War 4 before it, and arguably the most compelling entry since the original.

It's strong in all regards: the campaign takes on a new tone with heroine Kate Diaz and some open-area exploration, the new Escape mode is a blast, and it's an absolute showcase for the Xbox One X running at 4K and 60 frames per second. If you haven't yet been sold on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, Gears 5 might do the trick. And even if not, it's well worth the £50 pop for action fans.

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Forza Horizon 4

The best racing game ever made? That's our take on Forza Horizon 4, and while those are strong words, they're also well-considered – and Microsoft's latest open-road racer absolutely deserves then.

Forza Horizon 4 continues building on the brilliant premise from past entries (exemplified in the also-wonderful Horizon 3), this time letting you careen across the English countryside in hundreds of ultra-realistic rides. Unlike the mainline Forza series, however, Horizon is all about raucous fun more than simulation precision, and here you'll find that fun in thrilling online races, stunt trials, and whipping your ride through icy roads and autumn backdrops alike. If you have an Xbox One, you need this game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Between Dark Souls and Bloodborne, FromSoftware has essentially mastered the insanely-tough-yet-rewarding action experience – but Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice thankfully manages to stand apart from those gems while still delivering on that tricky balance.

It's a totally unique kind of shinobi experience, challenging you to use a combination of stealth, well-timed strikes, and other techniques to survive the immensely difficult battles. You will undoubtedly die more than twice here, but if you can tolerate the pain, the resulting sensation is well worth the struggle.

Apex Legends

EA's Apex Legends may not have put a big dent into Fortnite, but it's still an incredibly fun take on the battle royale genre that's a lot more enticing than the methodical PUBG.

Created by the team behind Titanfall, the free-to-play Apex Legends has distinctive hero characters with unique abilities, and drops you into the world in three-player teams with a cap of 60 players. The resulting matches are thrilling and frenetic – and it just keeps getting better with new seasons, characters, and content.


FIFA 20 is largely the same FIFA that we've largely loved in recent years, but the latest entry makes some appreciated changes and additions while preserving the vast, beautiful, and utterly familiar football sim.

The biggest addition is Volta Football, essentially a throwback to FIFA Street from back when. It's a whole new kind of challenge with much speedier play, and it's a welcome shift away from the usual full-pitch experience. That said, the standard play feels a bit more organic, even if defense is still underemphasized. If you're seeking a footie game to dig into right now, FIFA 20 is your best pick.

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