10 green bottles: the best flasks for sustainable hydration

How to quench your thirst without hurting the Earth

Still buying and binning bottles on a daily basis? Keep ploughing through the plastic and you’ll have Attenborough to answer to. And his penguin friends.

Don’t fancy an aggressive peck from a flightless aquatic activist? It’s time to change your drinking ways and quit polluting the waves.

For true sustainability, that means hiking into the hills, cupping your hands and sipping straight from a hilltop spring. Zero pollution, plastic-free and as fresh as can be – the ultimate in eco commitment and guaranteed to make you late for work.

Want to cut the waste but keep your job? Ditch the disposables and take one of these reusable numbers to the tap – sure to appease Dave and keep his black-and-white buddies off your back. Until they hear about your ready-meal addiction, that is.