The 10 best Wii U eShop games right now

Our pick of the best download-only games on Nintendo's online store

The Wii U might depend on Nintendo itself for big name games, but there's plenty of treasures to track down in its online eShop.

And, no, we're not just talking about the well-stocked Virtual Console zone, where you can get yer mitts on some of gaming's finest classics.

But what are the eShop-only games most deserving of your gold coins? Here's our picks.

CastleStorm (£7.99)

It's tower defence meets Angry Birds in this eShop gem. You build a castle and then fend off attackers by launching javelins, sheep and other junk at them with your bastilla (think giant crossbow-cum-catapult). You can also cast spells or drive into the fray for some hands-on swordplay. Then, best of all, you get to turn your opponent's castle to rubble with your bastilla.

CastleStorm also gets extra credit for its witty nods to Game Of Thrones and Skyrim.

Pullblox World (£8.99)

Don't be fooled by Pullblox World, for beneath the huggable exterior lurks a mind-scrambling grizzly of a game, ready to cut you down to size with devious puzzles.

It takes place in the world's most dangerous playground, where kids are constantly getting squashed flat in giant walls that you then need to push, pull and hop around to free them. And once you're done solving its 200-plus brain teasers you can devise new head scratchers and inflict them on the Miiverse. Mwahahaha.

Child of Light (£11.99)

Child Of Light's fairy tale adventure is so charming and beautiful that it's hard to believe it emerged from the same Canadian studio behind the Assassin's Creed games.

The magical watercolour kingdom that you explore is striking, as is the game's more-ish and masterfully balanced reinvention of Japanese role-playing game battles. Only the love it or hate it rhyming dialogue, which is sweeter than a supertanker full of Coca-Cola syrup, can detract from its appeal.

Shovel Knight (£12.99)

The whole '8-bit pixelart indie game' thing might be wearing thin, but when the result is a game as good as Shovel Knight we say bring it on.

A homage to NES action platformers such as Mega Man, Shovel Knight casts players as a spade-wielding knight on a quest through a flick-screen realm. Its sublime retro fun pushes all the right nostalgia buttons, as does its fabulous chiptunes soundtrack, which will bounce around your head for days.

Little Inferno (£8.99)

Baby it's cold outside, but don't worry - there's plenty to burn in your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Little Inferno is dead simple: buy assorted junk from catalogues, chuck it in the fireplace and then set it all on fire in the hope of sparking off one of the many pun-tastic combos.

It's a sedate game, but the flames are mesmerising, the 1960s American vibe is seductive and it all ends with a twist and a message that will catch you off guard.