10 of the best running trainers to kickstart your training

Ready, Set, Go!...find the best sneakers for you

Running sounds easy. We’ve all run for a bus, run after a mellifluous van for an ice cream, and run out of good ideas - but when it comes to proper pushing-past-5k running – it’s tough. If you’re crazy enough to have signed up to a marathon or a half at that, then you’re going to need to get up off your beanbag and swap Netflix binging for pavement pounding.

We hate to be a nag, but it’s not going to happen unless you set some achievable goals, and one way which is sure to get you off to a good start? A good pair of trainers. At Stuff, we’ve foot-picked not only the best looking but some of the coolest, techiest and best performing running shoes money can buy...