The 10 best games for giving your brain a workout

Because, occasionally, it's not only about shooting men and driving cars and being an angry man in space…
10 best games for the brain 01 - Portal

Playing games makes you clever, and that's a FACT. Don't believe us? Consider this: every member of the Stuff team is an avid gamer, whereas chickens aren't. So there's your proof.

Of course, while all games boost your brain power, some are specifically designed to test your grey matter. So read on for our list of the 10 most cerebral games ever. And if your IQ's not 10 points higher by the end, you get your money back*.

* Bear in mind that you've paid nothing for this feature anyway.

10. Super Meat Boy (2010)

A very tough platform game, made rather gruesome by having a lead character that tends to disintegrate when falling into the levels' many grinding cogs, blades and lasers. Hundreds of rock-hard maps made this a superb throwback to when games were tougher than Arnie with an AK-47.

9. Powermonger (1990)

This took the still-new concept of the god game and updated it with a 3D core, with players battling for control of the land by managing food, inventing new weapons, drafting locals into an army and eventually building up enough power to wipe out all enemies.

8. Herzog Zwei (1990)

Brought the hardcore concept of real-time strategy to Sega's 16-bit console, with players battling the computer or a real human friend for control of planetary bases. Holding bases earned you cash and cash equalled greater military might, quickly escalating its intense 2D wars.