10 amazing YouTube Geek Week videos you can't afford to miss

Breaking Bad on Etch-A-Sketch, Knightmare Redux and chest-busting cakes: have a great Geekend with our pick of Geek Week's best bits
youtube geek week best

If you’ve missed YouTube’s comedy week, be not afeared: we’ve trawled the 'Tube for the best videos and compiled them for your viewing pleasure. Get your geekiest gear on and settle into nerdvana.

Methamphetamine on a child's toy

If you’ve seen Breaking Bad this recap, drawn entirely on Etch-A-Sketch, will be a geekily breathtaking trip down memory lane. If you’ve not seen Breaking Bad, shame on you. And with the final season airing Sunday 11 August, you’d better get catching up. It's truly one of history's greatest TV shows.

Knightmare Redux

Any self-respecting geek over the age of 25 will have loved Knightmare as a child. For the rest of you, it was an adventure game show that used cutting-edge special effects (for the '90s) to send young nerds into a land of dungeons and dragons. Wearing a helmet to blind them, the contestants were directed by their team mates from the safety of a room in the 'tower' while they risked pitfalls, dragon breath and demon magic. This version features Isy Suttie (aka Dobby) from Peep Show and a re-shot intro scene – with all the magic of the original.

Now, if anyone can explain to us that face that gradually fell apart between on-screen events, please do.

A Giant Robot Mech

Yes, they went and built a giant mech armour suit. Yes it’s terrifying, and yes we want one. Built at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, it’s more for film features than to, say, police the streets like ED-209 or fight an alien invasion – but it’s nice to know it’s there if we need it. 

10 Incredible Cosplay Outfits, with some Harry Potter stars

How do you make a good video about people dressing up as film and TV characters? Get yourself some former wizards to present it, of course – in this case Harry Potter’s Weasley twins. From Iron Man to Edward Scissorhands, these are the best of the best in the faintly unsettling but utterly compelling world of cosplay.

How to Make a Viral Video: Smash Mouth Parody

If a meme is meta and this video is a meta piece about making memes, does that makes these meta meta meme memes? We don’t know, but we enjoyed spotting the many nods to the internet's most famous sons and daughters. How many can you spot?

Does Alien make you hungry?

The last thing most sane people will think after seeing an alien rip through a man's torso is "crikey, that looks tasty". Bite Club will change the way you think by training you to make a delicious version of the chestburst scene from Alien. In space, nobody can hear you eating cream.

Beware the Minecraft trolls

In the world of Minecraft, not everyone is there to have a good time and make blocky, pixellated friends. ZexyZek, for example, is there to torment everyone – but he does it with such humour that we can’t help but like him.

Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild

If you have a 90 minutes spare, this made-for-Youtube movie is well worth a watch. Ashens is on a quest to find the legendary electronic tat known as the GameChild. Witty, engaging and mysterious, it's everything you’d expect to get from a film you pay for, but more geeky, and free.

10 Reasons To Love Science

Quantum levitation, super-speed free-falling, liquids in zero gravity and more visually spectacular scientific experiments to remind you how amazing the universe is. As if you need reminding.