Kreyos Meteor is the smarter smartwatch

iWatch? Who needs it – this waterproof wrist candy features voice and gesture control

While Apple has been busy jetsetting around the globe trademarking "iWatch" in every country it can think of, other companies are beavering away on their own smartwatches – and raising the bar that Apple will have to jump over.

The latest of these clever timekeepers is the Kreyos Meteor - a crowdfunded project that lets you waft your way about your digital activities thanks to a three axis gyroscope and a microphone-speaker combo.

Look, Ma! No hands!

The Kreyos Meteor will do all the things you've come to expect from a smartwatch: notifications for e-mails and text messages, plus exercise tracking – including distance travelled, floors climbed and calories burned. It'll even occasionally tell you the time - but it's also a hands-free device for interacting with your phone.

Kreyos Meteor

You can answer calls with an extravagant wrist wiggle (or a press of a button if you're feeling retro) and you'll be able to speak through the watch without delving into the depths of your pockets in search of your phone, just like Dick Tracy. The same goes for the Meteor's voice controlled software, so you can now quiz Siri on whatever takes your fancy while running, driving or juggling. Useful.

You can also use the motion controls to change music tracks with a swish of the arm – though that might prove a bit annoying when you're on your morning jog.

The Kreyos Meteor is waterproof – and as well as being worn on the wrist, it can be popped in a clip or lanyard. It'll work as a pedometer, cycling tracker and swimming tracker, and Kreyos promises that it'll soon be able to analyse golf swings, too. It'll also play nice with third-party apps, and will integrate with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors for tracking heart rate and blood pressure.

With 15 days left on the Indiegogo funding clock, the Kreyos Meteor has made nearly nine times its US$100,000 target – look out, Pebble – there's a new rock star in town.

[Source: Indiegogo via Gizmag]

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A friend of mine writes reviews and let me play around with his “review model” (he’s not the active type, unlike me…he’s got more of the brains).

This watch worked without any problems for the 60 miles of running I logged, and for my bike this watch also did the trick. I originally ran with my Nike+ SportsWatch, but my biggest problem with it was that it was geared only towards running. When I would take my Nike watch cycling I experienced major problems (Inaccurate distances, speeds, etc). When I took this watch cycling it appeared to be much more accurate and was nearly as useful as my bike computer (Garmin Edge 800).

I’m considering selling my bike computer and replacing it with the one I just ordered. Granted it can’t do everything my bike computer can, but then again, I never really used my bike computer to its full capacity, so this would be more than sufficient.

There is also a possibility of it recording data about how you swim and would be the perfect training partner for a triathlete.

I decided to pre-order one, and I would recommend it to anyone who has even just a mild interest in fitness (or wants to start a new fitness program). If you order it now, there is a plethora of perks/savings you can take advantage of.

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