25 best plane movies ever

Don your G-suits for a plane movie marathon in anticipation of the Eastbourne Airshow this weekend

Soar as high as a, erm, plane with our 25 best plane movies ever.

Dambusters (1955)

We all know the plot about Barnes Wallis’s bouncing bomb being used to tear down German dams in World War II. And we all know the theme tune. Five and a half decades later that ought to be all the testament a film needs. A genuine classic.


The Aviator (2004)

Scorsese’s Howard Hughes biopic concentrates on the film producer’s personal obsession with breaking the air speed record. Hughes, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, also begins his descent into clinical obsession during the movie, though it stops short of showing the pioneer’s final years, during which he lived in a hotel room wearing tissue boxes on his feet.

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Top Gun (1986)

After watching Top Gun we all rushed out to buy a motorbike and enrol in the US Navy. Okay, we just went round the corner to Our Price and bought a Kenny Loggins record. Those with insufficient pocket money settled for taking off their shirts and practising the high-five-low-five manoeuvre from the volleyball scene.

Airplane! (1980)

Leslie Nielsen’s oddball schtick was on vintage form in Airplane! The scene in which passengers sick up eggs after making a poor choice of in-flight meal has dictated our answer to the question “Chicken or fish?” ever since.

Memphis Belle (1990)

A semi-historical gem that takes to the skies over Bremen in the Second World War on the final mission of the Memphis Belle (a B-17 bomber) and her crew. The movie was produced by Catherine Wyler, whose father directed the 1943 documentary it’s based on.

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