Lego announces £180 Simpsons house set

Our wallets are telling us no. But our hearts, our hearts are telling us yes

Lego has unveiled an officially licensed Simpsons lego set, and we're desperately flinging our wallets at our screens to try and snap one up before the sensible part of our brains can process the £180 price tag.

Made up of over 2,500 pieces, the set features the iconic Simpson family home, complete with Homer's battered pink car and the legendary brown couch.

Tiny details like paintings, phones and rugs are all accounted for, and the whole family (including stupid sexy Flanders) is thrown in too.

Lego announces £180 Simpsons house set

The house itself is spilt down the middle and fans can open it up to access all the rooms within.

It'll make an adorable mansion for a lucky hamster, or offer hours of distraction while you're bored at work.


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The Simpsons characters also have moulded sleeves and shorts - a Lego first - and ten more characters will be available in May, coinciding with a special Lego episode of the series.

The house play set itself will hit UK shelves in February, and we can't damn-diddly wait.

What? It's a perfectly cromulent word.

[via CNET]

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