Insane next-gen IMAX uses lasers to project real fluorescent colours

Imagine Tron 3 or Avatar 2, with real fluorescent colours, at double the brightness – that’s what IMAX is bringing in 2014

The IMAX is like a stronghold for cinema – showcasing films at a technological level home cinema couldn't hope to match.

But with piracy on the up and home cinema systems ever improving, IMAX is preparing to up its game and win over film fans with laser projectors that can display fluorescent colours, the world’s highest resolution cameras and overhead surround sound.

Next-gen IMAX

IMAX CTO Brian Bonnick, speaking exclusively to, reveals that we can expect to see next-gen IMAX cinemas as soon as 2014. The laser projector – which is IMAX’s biggest research and development investment ever – will be so shockingly advanced it’ll make HD look like the screen of a Sega Game Gear.

Not only will the resolution be pushing the boundaries of 8k, at least, but it’ll also double the contrast of the world’s current brightest 4000:1 screen to 8000:1. That means a wider colour gamut – so "it will let us come closer to creating a true fluorescent colour", says Bonnick.


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Neon colour capture

Image capture will also be enhanced, thanks to IMAX’s new camera: the world’s highest resolution 2D camera. Bonnick says, "Using this camera we can record neon colour – and then using our laser projectors we can display it".

This future camera – currently in production – will record metadata specifically for the laser projector so you’ll see things never possible before. When pressed for more details he said, “I’m being coy as I don’t want the competition to know what we’re doing”.

But he did go on to say IMAX will soon have overhead speakers and more side speakers for total surround sound immersion.

Expect to see laser projectors in your local IMAX in time for Christmas 2014.

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