Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 headphones for music lovers

Sweet sounding cans, man - where'd you get 'em? The Stuff Gift Guide, of course

There are headphones, then there are headphones. You can cup some cans round your little lobes and enjoy mid-range musical moments, or you can go on an ultra-engrossing personal sonic journey before the 7.57 pulls into Paddington.

If you know someone of the latter inclination, this collection of impeccable ear-feeders is certified to bring them audio delight.

Note: not actually certified. But they're pretty darn good.

Soul Electronics Flex (£50)

15 headphones that would make great Christmas gifts

Committed jogger in the family? The good news is you don’t have to spend much to buy them some proper, dedicated and rather great sports earphones.

This £50 pair has hooks to keep the buds securely in your lugholes rather than dangling near your chest, and controls for volume and skipping tracks. You can even answer calls while sweating on a treadmill if you really want.

Best of all, these earphones sound ace, and there’s nothing like great-sounding tunes to to provide last mile motivation.

Buy Soul Electronics Flex here

Soundmagic E50S (£50)

15 headphones that would make great Christmas gifts

You could buy your loved one a pair of earphones for a tenner, but if you really do love them you should stretch the budget to this very fine pair.

There are three colours available, they’ve got a switch that ensures they’ll work with almost any flavour of smartphone, there’s a whole load of different sized buds in the box so they’ll fit even the most misshapen of ears, and they sound absolutely terrific for the money.

Buy Soundmagic E50S here

AKG Y50 (£49)

15 headphones that would make great Christmas gifts

AKG’s gone all trendy! Assuming bright colours and trendiness are the same thing, that is.

If you’re not into brightly coloured cans you can always opt for a black pair and you’ll still be treated to a fabulously punchy and exciting listen. But you know the red ones will go great with your Santa suit.

Buy the AKG Y50s here

Philips Fidelio M1 MKII (£127)

15 headphones that would make great Christmas gifts

We’re sure this doesn’t need spelling out, but these are the second-generation of Philips’ Fidelio M1 on-ears - and they sound even better than they did before, which is impressive given that the originals were already seriously superb.

The design is also pretty serious - if you see headphones as a fashion statement you might want to look elsewhere - but they do fold flat for portability’s sake. Forget Beats: these Philips’ phones are the real deal.

Buy the Philips Fidelio M1 MK IIs here

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless (£380)

15 headphones that would make great Christmas gifts

The gift for the person you really, truly love, these cans combine the subtly sexy looks of the Momentum range with tech-tastic, audiophile-pleasing aptX Bluetooth in a real best of both worlds scenario. That means you look all trendy, your music sounds better than ever, and you’re not tethered to your smartphone.

The batteries last for 22 hours, too, which you have to hope covers every imaginable commute.

Buy Sennheiser Momentum Wireless here


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