Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 19 gadget gift ideas for tech kids

Find the spot-on gift for the little critters in your life

gadget gifts for tech kids

The happiness, the joy, the masses of shiny plastic: all part of the perfect Christmas day.

Sadly, many a magical moment has been ruined by the insatiable excitement of the up-all-night little ones itching to see Santa. Don't they know you've got presents to unwrap?

Inundate those interrupting youngsters with gifts from this list and they'll be occupied for weeks - leaving you lots of time to enjoy your own wrapped-up wonders (which you definitely didn't buy yourself).

LeapFrog Epic (£80)

Kids love tablets, but so do most adults and therein lies an obvious source of tension at home. The solution? Buy them their own.

The LeapFrog Epic is a fully functioning Android tablet but it's heavily skinned with LeapFrog's own software, making it easily accessible for the little ones and, crucially, totally safe. So while there is an app store and internet browser, parents can control access to both, in addition to setting time limits on usage.

As a result, it's a tablet that kids can grow up with: once you feel they can be trusted with the deranged playground that is YouTube, for instance, you can let them loose on it. The colourful bumper is also removable, so even your oh-so-cool 11-year-old will be happy to have a play on it.

There's a wealth of educational games in the Leap Store, cleverly disguised as frivolous fun-fests - although be aware that they're not exactly cheap - and a slick homescreen that changes appearance in response to real-world time and weather.

So in summary: an £80 outlay to get custody of your iPad back. Sounds like a bargain.

Buy the LeapFrog Epic here

Osmo (from £70)

15 Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

The deceptively simple but unbelievably addictive Osmo platform will have your kids enthralled for hours, and learning as they go.

Slot your iPad into the stand and slip the Osmo Reflector over its front camera and you’ve got yourself an endlessly interactive puzzle peripheral.

The Osmo app intelligently recognises the real-world shapes, letters, numbers and drawings you can make and play with as part of the kit, in a seamless educational blend of physical and digital, for you and your kids.

Buy Osmo here

Sphero BB-8 (£130)

15 Christmas gift ideas for tech kids

This app-enabled gyroscopic mini-droid is something straight out of your sci-fi dreams. No, not the one with Princess Leia. The other one.

Like a master of the Force, you can control the BB-8 remotely via smartphone, or it can be left to autonomously explore the living room in all its gliding glory, as you record virtual holographic recordings to Obi-Wan, or, you know, your Mum.

Your new robot friend will even respond to interactions and adapt its personality accordingly, as it wheels its way around.

Buy Sphero BB8 here

Ubooly (£7)

Ubooly is here to save lonesome children from inventing an imaginary friend. This cuddly gonk has room to accommodate an iPhone, iPad or Android device, which then becomes the face and mind of the fluffy critter. Via the free app it'll answer questions, read stories, chat to your child and suggest creative games to play.

Of course, Ubooly doesn't really know your little one, so you can customise the app to suit your child's interests and abilities. Once it's all set up, you can head off down the pub while it does the parenting for you - because that's 21st Century parenting done right.

Buy Ubooly here


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