Adidas joins the smartwatch race

Adidas has revealed it is launching a smartwatch aimed squarely at runners, taking on Samsung, Nike and Google in the race for wrist-based tech

Hot on the heels of a new (and very cool) Nike+ FuelBand, arch-rival Adidas is getting into the wearables game.

And soon: Paul Gaudio, vice president of Adidas Interactive, said the new smartwatch will be available on November 1 for US$399.

Wrist Coach

He revealed the watch at the GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco.

Adidas joins the smartwatch race - Wrist Coach 2

It provides information on a runner’s location, speed and heart rate, as well as storing music, and will use the firms 'Mi' branding.

Runners can choose to receive coaching, based on their heart rate, through the watch face or headphones, via Bluetooth.

However, Gaudio played down claims the watch will take on the Galaxy Gear and rumoured watches from Apple and Google.

“We didn’t incorporate anything we didn’t think a runner wouldn’t need or appreciate… we left certain things out on purpose,” he said.

“We’re not trying to make a smartwatch, but the smartest running watch.”

[Source: Gigaom]

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