Win the ultimate tech getaway pack with The Commuter

Liven up your commute (non-violently...)

Would you like to buy some insurance? No? Ah well, no harm in asking. Life can be tough for insurance salespeople, y’know. First they have to spend all day trying to sell insurance to people who don’t want any, and then on their commute home they get contacted by a mysterious stranger and forced to uncover a criminal conspiracy with life-and-death stakes for themselves and their fellow passengers.

Well, admittedly that last part doesn’t happen very often. In fact it only really happens when you’re Liam Neeson in The Commuter, a race-against-time thrill ride with explosive twists around every bend.

Even so, just to be on the safe side you’d betterstick to the car... and that’s where this month’s competition prize comes in. We’ve teamed up with in-car entertainment kings Alpine to offer one lucky reader an Alpine Halo9 in-car digital media station (RRP £769) and Alpine PWE-S8 powered subwoofer box (RRP £200), plus a DVD of The Commuter. Nine runners-up also get the DVD.

For your chance to win, just follow this link 

But don't hang around. This competition closes on 14 June 2018