Win a special edition Honor 7X to celebrate the release of Pacific Rim Uprising

It's so special there are only ten in existence...

If you're going to follow in the footsteps of Jake Pentecost, fighting terrifying monsters who take pleasure in mass destruction, you're going to need a good smartphone. A Nokia 3310 will be no use to you when you've got drones attacking Shatterdomes on a global scale.

Today, we celebrate the official release of Pacific Rim: Uprising, the follow-up on Guillermo del Toro's mega monsters vs robot extravaganza. Jake Pentecost makes a living stealing and selling Jaegar parts on the black market. It's not an honest living and as smartphone pilots, we would never advocate such behaviour.

Luckily for you, dear reader, we are giving you the opportunity to win an Honor 7X. Although we wouldn't advise using it to fight aliens and drones, we can't tell you what to do. But what a waste it would be! That delectable 18:9 aspect screen, the dual cameras, and boy are we glad to still have a headphone jack. A rarity these days. 

Decided you like the sound of it? And happy you're going to use it appropriately? Excellent. Simply head here on this highlighted link to answer a very simple question and you'll be in with a chance of winning this excellent slab of mobile metal.

Hurry! Competition closes 27th April.