Matt Tate

Hot Stuff Editor

I'm Stuff's Hot Stuff Editor, and yep, that probably is the best job title I've ever had.

I'm in charge of covering anything new in the world of gadgets, games and gear, both in the magazine and on this fine website. So if you have something cool to show off, I'm the guy to shout at. Emails work too.

I'm fascinated by all things tech, but if you were going to leave me on a desert island, I'd probably ask for my Nintendo Switch, a drone, and a pair of noise-cancelling cans to block out the relentless seagull racket.

When I'm not on Stuff duty, you'll probably find me subscribing to too many podcasts, playing too many video games, or telling anyone who will listen that Harry Kane is never going to leave Spurs.

London, UK
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Video games, VR, smartwatches, bizarre Kickstarter campaigns

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Articles by Matt Tate

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