Andrew Williams

Andrew is a freelance journalist for Stuff and has been writing, reviewing and ranting about technology since 2007. 

Articles by Andrew Williams

25 September 2018 / 15:41BST

iPhone XS review

Seems pretty similar to the the iPhone X until you look real close...
13 September 2018 / 16:00BST

Google Home Max review

A ready-to-party smart speaker that doesn't quite hit the notes
28 August 2018 / 17:00BST

Alcatel 3V review

A cheap phone that can't hide its budget roots
24 August 2018 / 12:01BST

LG Gram hands-on review

It may cost a lot but the LG Gram’s ultra-light weight makes it special 
16 August 2018 / 13:04BST

Alcatel 5 review

What’s better than a good top-end phone? A really good one that doesn’t cost too much at all